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Owned and operated byTammie and Alan Dye

About Us

We breed STANDARD Australian Shepherds, and we are located in South
Central, Mississippi, between Jackson and Hattiesburg.  
Our goal is to produce happy, healthy, quality, sound, STANDARD puppies
which anyone would be proud to own.  Although occasionally we may have a
small puppy or two, we breed for standards only!  We DO NOT HAVE MINI"S
or TOYS!  Our puppies are raised with lots of love and are socialized, groomed, and exposed to different kinds of stimuli.  They are touched and talked to, cuddled and kissed every day.  We get down on their level on the floor and play with them.  Our puppies come from top quality breeding stock and meet the requirement of the written AKC/ASCA standard for the breed.  While some of our dogs are from Confirmation lines, we strive to produce dogs with not only beauty, but also with intelligence, the classic "true Aussie".  Our dogs participate in events such as rally, obedience, agility, and/or herding.  Each parent has a pedigree, which has been studied and thoroughly researched.  
These dogs have been selected to breed because they can both contribute to the excellence of the breed as well as compliment one another.  Puppies stay with us until they are at least 8 weeks old.  They will have had at least their first set of puppy shots, maybe more depending on the age of the puppy when they leave and will be de-wormed at least once, possibly more, again, depending on the age when they leave.
Puppies selected may be placed on hold (pending) as a courtesy, if deposit
is not received within 3 days the puppy may be placed as available without
notice.  We accept personal checks up to 2 weeks before shipping or pickup.  If check is returned there is a $36 returned check fee added to the cost of the puppy.
I have a lot of people asking for blue eyed puppies, while we produce a high
number of blue eyed dogs, it is not our main focus.  Our main focus is
quality dogs.  We give them a good start and the rest is up
to you.  
If you want to reserve a puppy you must pay a deposit and the puppy must be
paid for in full before leaving.
If you do not pick up your puppy by the time he or she is 10 weeks old, there
will be a fee of  $ 5.00 per day added to your puppy price until your puppy is
picked up or shipped. This covers our cost of care, such as vaccinations,
de-wormings, food, etc. If the puppy is older than 10 weeks, when you have
placed a deposit, you have two weeks from the time you have placed a deposit for pick up or shipping before being charged.  
Here is what we expect from you...
**Health guarantee does not cover any parasite, internal or external, as these are common treatable conditions in puppies & dogs and does not count as communicable disease, we do what we can, to control parasites, but all dogs are susceptible to them.  If you purchase a puppy you must be financially able to take the puppy to the vet and care for the puppy
at your own expense.   Warning!  Puppies are still susceptible to contagious
disease although every effort has been made to prevent this, so please do NOT allow new puppy to walk in an area where puppies may be exposed to any
communicable disease until he or she has been seen by your vet and fully
vaccinated.   Hips and eyes are guaranteed up to the age of 27 months.  If
their hips are not fair or better between 24 and 27 months and eyes
are not cleared by 24 months, our guarantee against hip dysplasia and/or
hereditary cataracts are null and void. You are responsible for your own vet
bills.  Your concerns are very important to us and our breeding program.  
So...given all this information, when asked about our prices... as they may be
a little higher than those in some newspaper ads, the buyers who respect the
quality and excellence of this breed, will surely understand and know that
they deserve nothing less than a good, quality puppy, whether it be for a pet
or show.  
***All deposits are non-refundable***
***We do not guarantee eye color***
***Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions
that puppies come in contact with, we will only guarantee their health if they
are given NuVet Plus for at least 2 years (we will extend our guarantee for
an additional 3 years if you continue to use NuVet during the guarantee
period)  using NuVet Labs' recommended dosage.  Failure to do so makes our
contract null and void.  NuVet Plus may be ordered from the NuVet page on
our website.
Please tell us a little about yourselves before inquiring about puppies.  Much
like you and your family, each litter includes a variety of personalities.  
Each puppy is unique. Each puppy's welfare is always our number one priority as we are sure it will be for you.
Thanks for looking and enjoy our site.
While we welcome visitors, we ask that you already know what you are
looking for and have possibly made your selection of a puppy.  We have, in
the past let people come look and decide if an Australian Shepherd is for them, but it can be very time consuming and time that takes away from our daily chores and training.  We ask again, please do your research, visit dog shows and different events for the breed that you are looking for, which is probably a better avenue for deciding if an Aussie is the best breed for you.  When you have chosen one of our puppies is a good time to come look or if we have one that you might be interested in.
We ask that you do not come look at our puppies on a day that you have been
to another facility to look at puppies because there is always the risk of
spreading germs.
Also, we will no longer be showing puppies or allowing puppies to be picked up
on Saturday unless it is after 5:00 pm. We only get one day of rest and this
is ours.
We welcome you any other day during the week daytime hours or on Sunday
after - noon.  By appointment Only!
Thank you for understanding!  Tammie 601-506-3013 Alan Dye 601-506-3012

Please feel free to browse our website, call, text, or email.


Tammie 601-506-3013

Alan -601-506-3012

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