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About Aussies

Aussies are very clean dogs.  Most of them house train easily and

will relieve themselves in the same spot in the yard.  The most important thing is you must have the time to spend and
you must be consistent with them.  They do not

drool and their personal habits are very clean.  
Their coats shed dirt easily, even if they are
muddy, after drying and brushing they will be
fairly clean.  They do shed, but that can be kept
to a minimum if you brush them two or three
times a week.


Aussies aren't for everyone.  They are not hyper, but they are high energy dogs and require strenuous daily exercise.  A
bored Aussie can become destructive, digging up the back
yard, uprooting plants, eating siding off the house or may
try to escape.  I can not stress enough that you must spend
time with them. They crave it!  Sometimes living with a smart dog can be difficult.  Training is an absolute must and training requires time!


A fenced in yard is a must for an Aussie, they need room to run, but should
never be allowed to roam free.   


A happy Aussie is a good Aussie.They are very intelligent dogs and excel in things like herding,
flyball, frisbee, agility, and any other sport that keeps their mind and body occupied.  If you don't
have the time to spend with them, then an Aussie may not be the breed for you


I highly recommend crate training.  A puppy should never be allowed to run loose when you are not at home.  You would not want to return home and find that your puppy has destroyed your house
while you were away.  What is a disaster to just plain ole play time for your puppy.  Your puppy will in time learn his or her limitations.
This time varies with each puppy.  At the same time the puppy should not be crated all the time.  Night time when the crate can be kept next to your bed or you can choose to have them in the bed with you.   Please do your research before buying an Aussie.

DNA Genetic Testing

As responsible breeders, we strive to make sure that each puppy we place is in good health and clear of
genetic diseases. If both parents are clear of a certain gene it means that they will never be affected
by the particular disease and as long as it is bred to a mate that is clear it will never produce the
disease and all puppies from this cross will test clear n/n. When one parent is a carrier, having one
mutation of a gene (n/m) then it should always be bred to a non carrier (n/n). Each puppy produced
from this cross will have a 50% chance of testing clear, (non carrier) and a 50% chance of testing
with one copy of the gene n/m (carrier).   We have chosen not to disqualify a carrier (n/m) of
certain  diseases because if only bred to a non carrier, it will never produce a puppy that will be
affected by the disease, but may produce some puppies that are carriers.  The more genetic tests that
become available, the more likely we are to find genetic issues. We do what we can to breed away
from these issues, but based on the fact that if breeders continue to remove every carrier of a certain
gene from their program then in actuality they are narrowing the gene pool so that eventually all
dogs will be related and this is where other problems arise.  Results of DNA testing is posted on our
website on each one's page for you to see.  Thank you for taking the time to read these articles and if
you have any questions feel free to ask.  Thanks for looking!  
Tammie 601-506-3013

Tammie 601-506-3013

Alan -601-506-3012

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